Month: January 2021

Jimmy McCullough & Josh Remland

Jimmy McCullough & Joshua Remland

Jimmy McCullough (stroke) & Joshua Remland (bow)

In our short series to introduce the HP Team we want to tell you about our second lightweight double that will race at upcoming Olympic Trials in Sarasota.


Jimmy McCullough learned rowing at St. Joes Prep and continued to sharpen his skills at University of Delaware where he was part of a very competitive lightweight roster. He is familiar to Vesper for a long time as he was a family member for many years due to his father Tim McCullough. In 2018 he qualified in the LM 2x for the PanAm Qualifier in Rio, from there he went to race at the PanAm Games in 2019 in Lima just before he graduated from UD. It was a close step for him to join Vespers HP Team in 2019. He will race at OT with his Vesper Team mate:


Joshua Remland is Vespers power house among the lightweight man. During the pandemic he worked so hard on the erg, that he ultimately would break the American Record in the 30 minute category, set a new World Record on the Half Marathon distance, break his PR and stay on the 2000m under 6:10.0. During a fundraiser for PCR he would contribute incredible 200km… which he rowed in the run of one day… in his words: “I just kept doing 20km pieces….”He learned rowing at Brown University on the heavyweight team and joined Vesper in 2019, moving in the midst of winter from San Diego to Philadelphia. I guess that’s all I have to say to state his incredible determination to our sport. This is a name to remember.


Both are still very young, incredibly friendly, humble and eager to improve. Cheer for this combination with Jimmy on stroke seat and Josh in bow.

Chet Bickhart & Cooper Tuckerman

Chet Bickhart & Cooper Tuckerman

Chet Bickhart (S) & Cooper Tuckerman (B)

Chet Bickhart began his rowing career at The Haverford School back in 2010. After rowing all four years of high school, he was recruited to continue his career at Lehigh University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Finance. Upon graduation, Chet accepted a job in Boston, Massachusetts, and it is there he became a member of Riverside's High Performance Group. After two years of working in Boston, Chet moved back to Philadelphia where he currently lives and works, rowing for Vesper.


He will team up in a double with Cooper Tuckerman.


Cooper is a visitor and the youngster on our team. He is currently enrolled at Dartmouth University to study Biological science as his major. Due to Covid and the cancellation of DU`s lightweight men’s crew program, he took a year off to join our training group. He is not new to Vesper, he was part of our summer camp in 2018, where he could win the Trials for Junior World Championships in the double despite being always a true lightweight. In 2019 he represented the US National Team again at the U23 World Championships in the lightweight men’s quad event (LM4x) where he finished 4th. One of his teammates in 2019 in that boat was Kieran Edwards, who was part of Vesper HP Team back then. Cooper started rowing at Berkshire High School in Massachusetts. He is certainly a very skilled and talented rower who’s name every fan of the lightweight men’s scene should remember.