Head Coach Update August 23, 2021

Update from the Vesper HP Team Head Coach

It was definitely a very strange year for the HP team, for the club and basically the whole world.


Most of you are aware that some of the athletes that were Vesper members for the last few years decided to part out from the club and continue their career in the newly created HP team in Austin Texas.


Every 4 years after the Olympics, some people feel the need for big changes and we often see some Coaches and Athletes move around between the different clubs in the USA. This is a phenomenon that is not new as we have historically seen this happen for decades.


While this may have been surprising to you, it is expected in the High Performance World. It is by no means a reflection on Vesper and we still have a great group training at our club and expect it to grow in the future.  In the next few weeks, few months and even a few years, you will see new faces, new boats and it's a good thing.


People are coming to Vesper for the values of a club created in 1865 and have seen  through many years all kinds of athletes and individuals, from Juniors to Olympians.


I recently took over the team after the previous Head Coach left and I have big hopes for the athletes that are currently in it. Most of the Vesper athletes that excelled at the Elite Nationals in July ( that was supposed to be a World Championship Trials) are remaining in Vesper HP group. I look forward to working with this group and welcoming others to the Vesper fold. I feel confident we will have a great squad and continue to be known as one of the most recognized HP groups and athletic clubs in the USA.


Moving forward we (the HP group) don't want to be just another HP team that a prestigious club hosts and supports. We want to be part of the Vesper community and contribute to the club. We want to share with all the members of Vesper and want to be involved in the social aspect of the club .


You all have been, and hopefully will always be, an awesome support to the HP team and at times without knowing what is happening in the team or who are your HP Vesper teammates. That will change. We all need changes. We can do it "All together".


I created social media pages on Instagram and Facebook for the HP team that are linked to the club pages. We just started them and they are a work in progress but a lot of content will be on those pages. Please follow us but also don't hesitate to ask us anything you want when you see us at Vesper.


Again thank you for your support over the years and Go Tigers!

Yohann Rigogne - Vesper HP Team Head Coach

Yohann Rigogne - Vesper HP Team Head Coach