Vesper Boat Club is led by a group of elected officers and a Board of Directors. In addition, there is a Board of Trustees that serves by appointment of the Board of Directors. Standing committees are typically headed by a member of the Board of Directors, or an officer.

President: Kirk Beckman
Vice President: Jim McGlone
Treasurer: Kathleen Barron
Communications Secretary: Susan Cohen
Recording Secretary: April Roach
Captain: Jennifer Mussio
Board of Directors:
Nick Goode, Tom Simon, Shannon Kaplan, Erika McCormick, Tony Schneider, Cassandra Cunningham, Jeff Greenfield, John Tierney

Finance: Kathleen Barron
Fundraising: Tony Schneider
Racing: Shannon Kaplan
Head Coach: Peter Mansfeld
Asst Coach: Yohann Rigogne
Masters Coach: Nick Goode
Equipment: Shannon Kaplan
House: John Tierney
Schuylkill Navy Representative: Jeff Greenfield
House Manager: Fergal Barry
Landscaping: Ellen Saint Clair
Membership: Alexandra Golaszewska
Social: Nan Dormans
Vesper Dormitory Manager: Nick Goode

Vesper Boat Club offers the following membership categories:
Full, age 31+: $600
Full, age 19-30: $500
Family: $780
Social: $180 (no rowing)
Associate: $290 (restricted to those who have been full or family members for 5+ years, and now live 100+ miles away from Vesper; requires approval)

Member candidates, and current members, should contact the Captain, to arrange for a club tour, review safety procedures and club policies, and to demonstrate rowing competency.


Members wishing to request a locker may contact: