COVID-19 Info

Plan for Phased Re-Opening of Vesper Boat Club



The goal of this plan is to provide an outline of the measures Vesper Boat Club has adopted to safely reopen the club during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This plan is subject to updates as government recommendations and requirements change and as new information is available.

Remember, as a club member, you enter at your own risk.

Questions about this plan can be directed to Contact Vesper Boat Club’s COVID-19 Safety Officer Shannon Kaplan, or Club Captain Jenn Mussio.

Safety First. Masks MUST be worn while in the boathouse. Masks can only be removed when in your outdoor workout zone.

Phase 1: Minimal Access

The first phase allows access for specific tasks. These tasks include:

• Club projects – cleaning, repairs, club preparation for future phases.
• Picking up or dropping off items – includes items from the locker rooms or boat bays.
• No other activities are during this phase.

Those accessing the club must use iCrew to schedule a boathouse visit.


Phase 2: Options of Activities

Beyond the initial reopen Phase 1 where members may access the club for volunteer or pickup/drop off purposes only, other activities that may be approved by the Board of Directors under Phase 2.

Available options may change through out phase 2. Each currently approved option will be communicated to the membership.

A. Use of non-boat equipment but outside only (ergs, spin bikes)
B. Use of restrooms – 1 women’s, 1 men’s
C. Use of weight room (limited to 1 person or same household training partners)
D. Use non-boat equipment – main room (limit of 4 people – ergs, spin bikes)
E. Use of boat bays/dock – 1xs and same household 2xs only
F. Use of boat bay/docks – team boats in training bubbles
G. Use of locker rooms for changing (6’ physical distance and masks required)
H. Add in Showers (1 per person only)

2D-H are not available as of Jan. 7 2021. As these options become available, details about further restrictions and requirements will be made available.

Phase 2a: Use of non-boat equipment outdoors

Phase 2 Option A allows for the use of workout equipment outdoors.

• Equipment allowed: Ergs, spin bikes (mask not required when in designated zone only)
• Available work out locations: Balcony, side yard, pad outside boat bays (refer to map on next page for approved zones)
• Members must have a reservation in iCrew for their specific workout zone before coming to the club and confirm in iCrew that they are symptom free
• Reservation slots allow a minimum of 30 min down time between equipment use.
• Members using equipment must clean/disinfect all equipment
• Member using equipment must return equipment indoors after workout. Refer to map for storage locations
• Usage is weather dependent. Equipment may not be used outdoors if it is raining/snowing.

Phase 2b: Use of restrooms

Phase 2 Option B allows for the use of restrooms at the club:

• Restroom use is limited to one stall for men and one for women.
• Restroom use in in the locker rooms only. The restroom at the bar will remain closed.
• Members may only use the designated available stall (urinal) in their respective locker room
• Members must keep their mask on while in the restroom
• Members must wipe down toilet seat and handle with disinfecting wipe after each use.

Phase 2c: Use of weight room

Phase 2 Option C allows for the use of the weight room at the club:

• Equipment use allowed: weightlifting equipment (NO CARDIO EQUIPMENT)
• Usage limitations: 1 person. (2 people may share the room if they are same household or part of a training bubble managed by a coach)
• Members must have a reservation on iCrew for the weight room zone before coming to the club and confirm they are symptom free
• Masks must be worn while in the room.
• Reservation slots allow for a minimum of 30’ down time between equipment use.
• Members using equipment must clean/disinfect all equipment
• Member using equipment must return equipment to its designated location.