Vesper Boat Club COVID-19 Reopen Plan

Last Update: February 1, 2021

COVID-19 Reopen Plan:  Overview

  • * The goal of this plan is to provide an outline of the measures Vesper Boat Club has adopted to safely reopen the club during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • * This plan is subject to updates as government recommendations and requirements change and as new information is available.
  • * Remember, as a club member, you enter at your own.
  • * Questions about this plan?

Contact Vesper Boat Club’s COVID-19 Safety Officer Shannon Kaplan

or Club Captain Jenn Mussio

COVID-19 Reopen Plan:  Overview (cont'd)

  • * If you would like to start coming to the club during phase 1 and phase 2 you will need to notify the captain and attend a zoom meeting
  • * This plan is set up in several Some phases have options. The goal of these phases and options is to allow for as much access at any point of time that is reasonably safe.
  • * There are also guidelines for member.  These include:
    • - Safety protocols
    • - Access protocols and reservation times available
    • - What happens if someone gets sick
    • - What happens if someone is not complying with these to review this plan.
  • * If you would like to start coming to the club during phase 1 and phase 2 you will need to notify the captain and attend a zoom meeting.

Phase 1 Reopen: Minimal Access

  • * The first phase allows access for specific These tasks include:
    • - Club projects – cleaning, repairs, club preparation for future
    • - Picking up or dropping off items – includes items from the locker rooms or boat
  • * No other activities are during this
  • * Those accessing the club must use iCrew to schedule a Boathouse Visit (if you do not have iCrew yet notify the Vesper Captain – Jenn Mussio). Jenn will ask for a date and time for access and will coordinate to ensure that access at that time will be       Jenn is also tracking entrance requests so that we can ensure the club is abiding by local/city COVID-19 requirements and will be able to perform contact tracing if necessary

Phase 2 Reopen: Options of Activities

Beyond the initial reopen Phase 1 where members may access the club for volunteer or pickup/drop off purposes only, other activities that may be approved by the Board of Directors under phase Available options may change through out phase 2. Each currently approved option will be communicated to the membership.


A. Use of non-boat equipment but outside only (ergs, spin bikes) UPDATED

B. Use of restrooms – 1 women’s, 1 men’s

C. Use of weight room (limited to 1 person or same household training partners)

D. Use non-boat equipment – main room (limit of 4 people – ergs, spin bikes) Not yet Approved

E. Use of boat bays/dock – 1xs and same household 2xs only

F. Use of boat bay/docks – 2xs in committed 2 person bubbles only

G. Use of locker rooms for changing (6’ physical distance and masks required)

H. Add in Showers (1 per person only) Not Yet Approved

I. HP Team Indoor Erg Access Not Yet Approved


Phase 2 Reopen: Option A - non-boat equipment outdoors

Phase 2 Option A allows for the use of workout equipment

  • * Equipment allowed: Ergs, spin bikes (mask not required when in designated zone only)
  • * Available work out locations: Balcony, side yard, pad outside boat bays (refer to * map on next page for approved zones)
  • * Members must have a reservation in iCrew for their specific workout zone before coming to the club and confirm in iCrew that they are symptom free
  • * Reservation slots allow a minimum of 30’ down time between equipment
  • * Members using equipment must clean/disinfect all equipment
  • * Member using equipment must return equipment indoors after Refer to map for storage locations
  • * Usage is weather dependent.  Equipment may not be used outdoors if it is raining/snowing.

Phase 2 Reopen: Option A - No Dock Map

Phase 2 Reopen: Option A - Dock Open Map


With the docks open, all lower level outdoor locations will be closed for erging. An additional location will be added to the front balcony instead

Phase 2 Reopen: Option B - Restrooms

Phase 2 Option B allows for the use of restrooms at the club.

  • * Restroom use is limited to one stall for men and one for women.
  • * Restroom use in in the locker rooms The restroom at the bar will remain closed.
  • * Members may only use the designated available stall (urinal) in their respective locker room.
  • * Members must keep their mask on while in the restroom.
  • * Members must wipe down toilet seat and handle with disinfecting wipe after each use.

Phase 2 Reopen: Option C - Weight Room

Phase 2 Option C allows for the use of the weight room.

  • * Equipment use allowed: weightlifting equipment (NO CARDIO EQUIPMENT)
  • * Usage limitations: 1 person. (2 people may share the room if they are same household or part of a training bubble managed by a coach)
  • * Members must have a reservation on iCrew for the weight room zone before coming to the club and confirm they are symptom free.
  • * Masks must be worn while in the room.
  • * Reservation slots allow for a minimum of 30’ down time between equipment use.
  • * Members using equipment must clean/disinfect all equipment
  • * Member using equipment must return equipment to its designated location.

Phase 2 Reopen: Option E - Limited Use of Dock

Phase 2 Option E allows for the use of the docks and boats

  • * Docks will be open to general members with the exception of designated team launching Team launching windows will be assigned to the HP team and the High School teams. These restricted time slots will be published to the club. When in the boat bays and on the dock a distance of 6’ must be maintained between you and others at the club.
  • * Initial rowing access will allow for use of club and private Same household 2xs will also be allowed.
  • * Use of masks while at the club and on the dock will be For 1xs and same household 2xs only masks may be removed after you shove from the dock but must be in place before returning.

Phase 2 Reopen: Option F Modified - 2x Team Boats Only

Phase 2 Option F Modified allows for the use of the docks and doubles.

  • * Once the docks are open and the protocols for 1xs and same household 2xs are confirmed as working, Vesper will open to non-same household 2xs. All athletes interested in rowing in 2xs will need to commit to ONE and only one non-household Both members must review and sign the bubble guidelines.
  • * The HP squad has already been determined to be in two training Team bubble guidelines for the HP squad vary as this group has received an exception from PDPH (Philadelphia Department of Public Health) to train as a professional athlete group with different rules and protocols.

Phase 2 Reopen: Option G  - Locker Rooms

Phase 2 Option G allows for the use of the Locker Rooms for changing.

  • * Locker Room access is for changing into dry clothes only and should only be used if you are not able to make it home due to how wet you have gotten from rowing. (emergency use only)
  • * Time in the changing areas is limited to 5 minutes per person.
  • * Follow the guidelines for how many people can be in each room (see map)
  • * Masks must be worn at all times
  • * Maintain physical distance of 6’ from others.
  • * You must take home all towels and clothing. Nothing may be left.

Phase 2 Reopen: Option G  - Map

Phase 3 Reopen: Increased Access (Future)

  • * Previous phase activities continue
  • * Increase number of workout zones in the main room/weight room
  • * Small social events are allowed where safe distancing can be maintained

Phase 4 Reopen: Return to New Normal (Future)

  • * Vesper adopts recommended longer term strategies for life/facilities operations in the post-pandemic
  • * Large social activities resume
  • * Rentals resume

Member Instructions

Phase 1 & 2 Reopen: Basic Guidelines

  • * Members are expected to follow the club guidelines when at the boathouse.
  • * During phase 1 and 2 there will be no guests or visitors allowed in the Only current members who have signed the Vesper waiver will be allowed in the club.
  • * Safety Masks MUST be worn while in the boathouse. Masks can only be removed when in your outdoor workout zone. Also please keep your hands clean. Use the available hand sanitizer or wash your hands regularly.
  • * If you are feeling at all unwell or have any symptoms of COVID DO NOT COME TO THE CLUB.
  • * If you have traveled out of state to any of the states listed on the PA State Travel Self Quarantine Recommended list, it is expected that you will complete the recommended 14 day quarantine before returning to the club.
  • * All members in the workout zone are responsible for fully cleaning/disinfecting & returning all equipment to its designated This means fully spraying down all equipment with disinfectant, putting weights back into the weight room and erg/spin bikes in their designated workout zone.

Phase 1 & 2 Reopen: iCrew

Reserve/Log Boats & Club Facility Use
  • * To gain access to the club for a workout, you must have an account with To get on our iCrew platform, please contact
  • * You must sign the waiver on iCrew.
  • * You will be able to reserve a 90-minute time 90-minute slots start every two hours on the even hours.
  • * Your reservation is based on the assigned time – regardless of when you show up. If you are 30 late, you will then only have 1 hour of your reservation left.
  • * You should plan to arrive at the club at the start of your time and leave at the end (after cleaning).

Phase 1 & 2 Reopen: What if Someone Gets Sick

  • * We are asking members to notify one of the following if they have a confirmed case of COVID-19 and have been at the club within the previous 14 days OR have been exposed to someone known to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days AND you have been at the club since the exposure Please notify one of the following so that we may begin contact tracing:
  • * Members who are impacted by the potential exposure will be asked to complete a quarantine per the CDC quarantine Any of the three listed quarantine paths may be followed.
  • * Vesper members who have a confirmed case will be asked to stay home until they feel recovered,
  • * If it is confirmed that someone who has been at the club in the previous 7 days and has confirmed case of COVID-19, we will follow the state recommended cleaning protocol.
  • * This means the club will first be closed for a minimum of 24 NO ENTRY BY ANYONE.
  • * After the 24 hours have passed, there will be a disinfectant applied to all high touch surfaces including all door knobs, sink handles, restrooms and
  • * Members currently using the club may be asked to help do a deep clean after the 24 hours have passed.
  • * Once the cleaning is complete, the club will re-open.

What if Someone Does Not Follow the Guidelines?

  • * If you see someone who is not following the guidelines, we encourage you to remind them.
  • * We will have an anonymous reporting form available for reporting any violations of the guidelines.
  • *If there is an issue reported, the captain and COVID safety committee will review the issue and discuss with the person in question.
  • * Violations will be handled as follows:
    • - 1st confirmed violation – 1 week ban from the club
    • - 2nd confirmed violation – 1 month ban from the club
    • - 3rd confirmed violation – 1 year ban from the club

Reminder: Symptoms of COVID-19

Symptoms of COIVD-19 include:

  • * Fever. Anyone with a temperature 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher should not be at work.
  • * Chills. Including repeated shaking with chills.
  • * Muscle pain or body
  • * Headache or
  • * Difficulty staying awake or waking up.
  • * Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. May have bluish lips or face.
  • * Congestion or runny nose
  • * Sore throat.
  • * New loss of taste or smell.
  • * Nausea or vomiting.
  • * Diarrhea.

Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Not everyone who has COVID-19 will have bad symptoms. Some may only have mild symptoms or show no signs of being sick. The virus spreads through the natural moisture (respiratory droplets) we breathe out when we talk, cough, or sneeze.

Phase 1 & 2 Reopen: Cleaning/Disinfecting Guidelines

  • * To clean up, start by wiping up all sweat and putting all equipment back where you got it.
  • * Next disinfect all equipment. Vesper now has Clear Gear spray for disinfecting surfaces and work out equipment. To use this spray:
    • - Make sure the bottle spray nozzle is set to ON.
    • - Spray all surfaces thoroughly – weights, workout bench, floor areas you’ve laid/sweated on, erg handles, seats, monitors, spin bike seat, handles, knobs, etc.
  • * Allow Clear Gear to dry – DO NOT WIPE IT OFF.
  • * Clear Gear disinfects fully within 3 mins of being sprayed.