Zach Heese & Jasper Liu

Zach Heese (stroke) & Jasper Liu (bow)

In our little series about the HP Team we want to introduce you all the young athletes who train at Vesper and what they are training for. This time we have the pleasure to present you another Lightweight Men Double combination that will race at Olympic Trials In Sarasota from February 22nd to 26th.


Zach Heese in stroke seat joined Vesper in the fall of 2018 after he graduated from University of Virginia. At UV he rowed under Coach Frank Biller. In 2018 he rowed the LM 1x at the U23 World Championships. He started rowing in 2012 at Pelham Community Rowing Association. During the time of the quarantine Zach managed to improve his erg numbers significantly. He would have the US Record on 30 minutes for a few weeks (before his team mate Josh Remland would beat this score). To mention are his improvements on the 2000m distance.


Jasper Liu in bow seat started rowing in 2013 as a walk on at the University of Pennsylvania. He joined Vesper after a few seasons at Penn AC. His strong side is his raw strength and anaerobic capacity. He is one of the few lightweight rowers in the world who can produce over 1000 Watts on the erg. Currently he is the World record holder on the 1 Minute distance on the Concept2 rankings. Despite that, he did a tremendous job improving his “weak spots” and increased his 6000m performance significantly.


Both had their first elite National Team appearance together in 2019 where they rowed the LM 4x at the World Championship in Linz, Austria.